As long as Mice, Men, and Bots confuse Powell with Rodney Dangerfield and/or Powell stops taking careful aim at his own feet with unscripted remarks, then crab-ways it is as likely as not. Then again, maybe the SPY is the latest meme-stock? Suppose we'll know the answer to that when the SP500 gets close to 4800. Either way there are trillion$ more squirreled-away, I suppose, of that manna from helicopters (or heaven for those that insist on Thanking the Lord, despite copious evidence one way or the other, for all things good and bad, great and small) yet to be destroyed. Just part of the process (like when the Wiley Coyote runs unawares off a cliff's edge, pauses with a bewildered look down, and then looks back up at the fourth-wall, just before his creator(s) pencil in the atmospheric laugh-lines symbolizing a precipitous decent) every great (w/r)eckoning goes through? In the end, we each probably should count ourselves lucky to be here for the greatest show on Earth. Interesting times.

Good chart selection as usual. Here's humble head-scratcher for your consideration: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/STLFSI3

No stress. It's rhetorical. As an aside, we are told this the third ("3") iteration (of improvement?) for this indicator.

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